Each exercise session consists of gentle pulse raiser 1, mobility warm up exercises with the objective to mobilise joints wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.

This is followed by a pulse raiser 2 warm up exercises, consisting of slightly larger, quicker movements with the objective of warming up the body and muscles in preparation for gentle flexibility exercises.

Flexibility exercises help improve and maintain good posture, it also helps to maintain and improve a full range of movement especially for people with arthritis and other mobility conditions.

Co-ordination exercises follow focusing upon and improving fine and gross motor skills. These exercises are particularly important for service users suffering from dementia as well as people recovering from strokes.

The main body of the session consists of a series of exercises working arms and legs in unison which enhances the service users overall fitness levels, helps to gently raise their heart rate and increases the levels of oxygenated blood flowing through their body which helps improve their respiratory system especially for people with breathing difficulties.

Throughout the sessions the service users are encouraged to work within their range of flexibility and fitness.

"Where there is pain and strain there is no gain"

The talk test and rate of perceived exertion is used throughout the session to ensure that the service users are exercise within safe parameters.

Gentle resistance exercise is also used within the session to maintain bone and muscle strength followed by gentle cool down exercises.


Nick Fry