We'll be back!!

We'll be back!!

We’ll be back!!

To all our friends of the Radford Care Group

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we walk through the doors of the Radford Care Group for the very last time today, after first opening on the 24th May 1979 by Dame Anna Neagle 40 years ago.

But WAIT...………………………..there’s also good news!!!!!

Its only temporary – in less than a year we will be skipping back into our brand spanking new building on the same site but with more Oompa than an Oompa Loompha

There will be a grand opening for everyone to come and see us.

In the meantime, we will still be open for business 2 streets away on Forster Street, Radford.

Same telephone number 0115 9786133

Same website www.radfordcaregroup.org.uk

And twitter and facebook

We will use the time to come up with some fantastic ideas to inspire our community to come and join us and stay young with the Radford Friendship Group.

Please write in with your suggestions of what you would like to see and enjoy – after all its your centre

Watch our space for progressive news, and thank you for all the massive support you have always shown to us.

Sarah Wilson

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